Craps is a dice game that’s played absolutely everywhere, from the finest land based casinos in the world, to street corners. Often the domain of high rollers, craps has undergone something of a transformation ever since it went online and players of all sized bankrolls can now easily access this exciting form of wagering entertainment.

The premise of craps is incredibly simple and all you need to do is bet on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. Where craps does get complex is in the rules and the betting structure, but once learnt players stand a chance of winning big with every game.

Online craps has been designed to be a realistic, authentic representation of the original game and at the web’s top casinos you can enjoy all that this game has to offer. With iPhone craps now readily available players can learn how to play this enthralling game at their leisure or indulge in a quick roll or two of the dice for real money whilst on the go.

Understanding Craps

iPhone craps games offer instant access to potentially lucrative gaming entertainment and the games that have been optimised for play in the palm of your hand all feature great graphics and enhancements that make them user-friendly and simple to play. Although the game design may be slightly pared down for ease of navigation it certainly has not lost anything in its translation to mobile and iPhone craps offers satisfying immersive gaming on the go.

Online and mobile craps can be a fairly intricate game and it’s suggested that before you play for real money you learn all the different elements of the game. The complex odds also add to this games appeal for those who love working with strategy and trying to calculate their winning chances.

Craps Concepts

iPhone craps may seem to have its own complexities and complex odds but once you’ve grasped the concept of the game, you’ll fast find it is actually quite easy to understand and to be successful in. The game is based solely on the outcome of a roll of a set of 2 dice and the shooter will begin the game by throwing this dice pair onto the table.  Thereafter 3 outcomes can occur; the shooter can either win or lose the game right off the bat or there is no conclusive result and the game continues for another round.

Before the dice are rolled bets must be placed on the table and in iPhone craps you’ll find this is easily facilitated as you can use the touchscreen to tap the betting squares you’d like to play. All bets must be placed before the shooter rolls the dice and one of the most common betting options is the Pass Line bet. Every bet relates to the number combination that will be revealed when the dice rolls to a stop and the odds of every bet are worked out on these combinations. Once you get the hang of iPhone craps you’ll discover how enticing it can be and how tempting the real money games are, as the rewards and payouts can be plentiful.