For a BetSoft online casino game, the Royal Reels slot title has a number of unusual features. It has only two bonus rounds instead of the more common three, but on the other hand, it also has a Wild in base play, which is absent in most BetSoft slots.

This developer also has a reputation for creating its own storyline to back up its often quirky game designs, but the Royal Reels slot plays more like a traditional old-school title, with the symbols only loosely linked to the theme and no plot apart from chasing the prize-winning matches.

Nevertheless, BetSoft hasn’t stinted on its famously rich artwork in the Royal Reels slot’s design. As the name implies, this game is focused on the luxurious trappings of royalty: crowns, gold and jewels, with added pomp provided by the stately music.

The five reels are lodged in a richly ornamented frame of marble pillars embellished with gold and gemstones, top by a vivid red drapery. Coin sizes can be adjusted in increments between 0.02 and 0.50, players can bet 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 credits per paylines, and they can also chose to play between 1 and 30 paylines per spin at their favourite mobile casino.

Diamond Wild and 7 Payline Icons

A massive white diamond serves as the Royal Reels slot’s Wild. Apart from its standard substitution power over other payline symbols, five Wilds on one payline wins an impressive 2,500 coins at max bet.

The lowest-value payline symbols are sprays of olives and cherries, like the traditional fruit machines. Along with the 10 from the Poker deck, these symbols require three of a kind or better to win prizes, peaking at 200 coins for five 10s.

The card deck’s J, Q, K and A complete the payline symbols in the Royal Reels slot. All four are rewarded for just two or more matches on a payline, with five of a kind winning respective prizes of 375, 500, 1,000 or 1,500 coins which is why this is one of the most lucrative and exciting available to players today.

All the Poker symbols are in keeping with the theme of royal luxury, fashioned as golden characters adorned with rubies.

Crown Triggers First Bonus Feature

The Royal Reels slot does not use Scatters; both of its bonus icons must appear in sequence on a payline to trigger extra features. The first bonus symbol is a beautiful crown, fashioned in gold, jewels and plush red velvet.

Three or more adjacent from Reel 1 on the same payline starts the Royal Reels Pick ’Em Bonus. On a fresh screen, the player is faced with a field of crowns, and must pick one to reveal the hidden instant credits prizes.

Gem Trio Forms Second Bonus Icon

The final bonus symbol used in the Royal Reels slot is a trio of gemstones: diamond, emerald and sapphire.

The player also needs at least three of these in unbroken succession from the leftmost reel on a single payline, and when that occurs, the Click-Me On Reel Feature is triggered.

All the gem icons involved in triggering the bonus stay in place on the Reels, and the player must pick one, which reveals an instant prize.