Aces and Faces is a video poker variation popular at both land-based and online or mobile casinos. Many poker fans prefer video poker variants like Aces and Faces because the player is pitted only against the computer, with just one hand (if they so choose) to worry about on every deal; although Aces and Faces also comes in multi-hand versions, if they prefer.

So the player can weigh up odds and try to predict which cards will be drawn to replace discards, which is the key to winning in video poker, without the distractions or impatience they might have to deal with at a live poker table, pitted against other players. Committed video poker fans also enjoy the fact that Aces and Faces pays out boosted prizes for top combos among the Aces and picture cards.

How Video Poker Works

Almost all video poker variants operate in the same way; the different titles are usually just an indication of special combinations that win enhanced prizes. Aces and Faces is no different, and plays like a standard video poker game. The player can choose to bet from one to five credits per hand, but players should always play the maximum credits, as this gives them access to much better prizes, particularly for the strongest combos.

Once the bet is placed and the player presses Deal, they are dealt five cards. The player must decide which cards, if any, to hold, and which to discard in order to draw replacement cards. The new cards are dealt, and any poker combinations assessed according to the pay table.

Playing Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces Has a Twist

In general, video poker titles pay increasing amounts according to the standard hierarchy of poker hands, usually starting with a Pair of Jacks; lower pairs or high-card hands win nothing. The standard sequence is a Pair of Jacks or better, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, Four of a Kind, a Straight Flush and a Royal Flush, which is a run of 10 to A all in the same suit.

The twist thrown in by the Aces and Faces title is that four Aces or Four matching Picture Cards, namely Jack, Queen or King, win better prizes than any other Four of a Kind. In fact, playing at maximum credits, Four Jacks, Queens or Kings will win 200 coins, as opposed to 125 for any other Four of a Kind. Four Aces win 400 coins, which is a better prize than the 250 coins a Straight Flush wins at max bet. At max bet, a Royal Flush wins 4,000 coins.

Quick and Easy to Play

Like many betting sites offering instant the Soccer World Cup wagering, many online and mobile casinos offer instant play versions of Aces and Faces, although downloadable Aces and Faces apps are also available. What this variant lacks in design flourishes, it makes up for in speed and ease of play. The game is very simply laid out: game controls at the bottom of the screen, the pay table filling the top half, and the five cards dealt in between.

Aces and Faces also has a Double function. If a player chooses to gamble a win, they are shown one card face-up alongside four face-down. The player must turn a card and hope it is higher than the card showing, or they lose the win. If they beat the visible card, their win is doubled.